The Process (engl.)

Activity 1: Investigations into climate-just economic management

(May until September 2017)

At the end of of May, 2017, a project group forms; this divides itself into three study groups. In each study group approx. 5 – 7 persons work together.

Topics of the study groups are:

    • Regional economic managing with picture 219.jpg
    • Care ethics & cross-generational group in Hamburg
    • Business Initiatives

First day of study (for all)


6.10. 2017, 10:00 to 5:00 pm.

Impulse paper: Surviving – steps for managing economies (Bettina Mueller Sidibé, economist)

Planning of the investigation of projects dealing with sustainable economic management in the summer of 2017, development of evaluation criteria, following the day of study together the groups continue work while self-organized.

On two further project days they investigate selected projects of sustainable economic managing and evaluate these on the basis of the developed criteria.

Second study day ( July 15, 2017)

Meeting in the selected projects.

Third study day (beginning of September)

With evaluation of the project visit: Reflection on the topic in dialogue with one of the partner groups from the global South.

Activity 2: Dialogue workshop (see flyer)

(27- 29 Oktober 2017)

  • Presentation of the study results of the three study groups, presentation of selected


  • Exercises with the examples of value creation chain projects (youtube.links), Reports of partner groups from the global south, preparation of texts for a Blog.


The temporal structuring of the workshop will be made in due time

Activity3: Evaluation (Mid November to mid December 2017)

  • Results put to discussion in the Blog


  • Planning 2018