Germany, Hamburg II

And now more concretely… who we are and what we do, and why actually?

In July 2017 there was an initial meeting for a multi-age get together in Hamburg. Who came, that was eight predominantly young people including quite small children from Taiwan, Ruanda, Germany, who were either working, studying  or  doing volunteer work. First of all it was and is a matter of taking time for each other, and showing interest in each other concerning the question of what we need (to feel healthy). However, because this question arises not only among young people between one and middle age, but also among old and very old people (who also are not exempted from the problem of isolation in a capitalistically structured society, look at the lonliness in the old peoples’ home or at home), we regret it very much that we miss the old people.

Where we came from, when we asked ourselves about, what we need, and even in the supermarkets, what we eat or get to eat. We spoke about the fact that we need time, and that this often seems to be lacking. Yes, also the longing for places was articulated, to which we could go after a hard working day and play theater or to go beer drinking. Certainly, there are many bars, but that is not at all what this is about. The places which are desired are those in which I am seen, perhaps also known, and where I am asked, how I’m doing. What we need are these contacts. It is unbelievably amazing, all the places we arrive at if we ask ourselves what our needs are. They give us information about what all is missing in these profit and use-oriented conditions, in which granny will be discharged from the hospital sooner because she costs too much (and who needs her anyway, she cannot work any longer!). What an interesting world opens itself if we proceed from us. Yes, and therefore we go first of all to the other, and therefore the start of the group in Hamburg.


Alchemilla, Hamburg 06.01.2017

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