Regional Products

An effective way to combat climate change is to use regional products.

In the supermarkets they offer us fruits that were harvested while still green and that have suffered during a long journey by boat and truck. Transport involves energy expenditure and pollution.

However, we can use the fruits and vegetables that grow in our environment.

As an example, the CIL Workshop talked about apple juice made with apples from the Frankfurt region.

In Costa Rica, we have a great advantage: throughout the year we can harvest.

Some suggestions:

– Buy fruits and vegetables at the Farmer’s Market

– Ask traders about the origin of the products

– Collect mangoes, guavas, cas and other fruits on farms where they are sometimes lost, and make jellies or other products

We can do the same with fish. Today, in the supermarkets of Costa Rica, Tilapia and Pangasio (called “Corvineta”) are brought from Asia, but there are always fresh fish options from our seas.

As consumers, we deserve more information. Many times we do not know if rice and beans are national products or not, because the label is not mentioned. Or the label says “packed in Costa Rica.” Diay! Let’s demand more information!

Klaus Beisswenger, San José 22.12.2017

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