Germany, Niebüll

I would like to share a story of how my perspective changed since I reached here in Germany because there is kind of contravercial thing of how people understand according to their lifestyle. Since I came to Germany I was everytime attentive about everything because everything were new to me. This is why I found myself also comparing the lifestyle of how people live here in Germany and how people live in Rwanda.The way they understand it, it is different where by the people in Rwanda having the lifestyle of shopping in supermarket eating packaged food. This lifestyle is expensive and yet some food you find in supermarket in Rwanda you can buy them in market on low price. For example in case of meat if you want to eat meat you need more money than eating vegetarian food. So the people who are eating this food are not proud thinking that they should sometimes have meat on the side as usually they eat those food. For example sometimes when there is going to be a party the people they feel like they should prepare meat because it is a special food and they prepare it in a special way. If there is no meat you can ask why there is no meat on the party. But here in Germany if you want to eat meat you don’t have to spend a lot of money but people eating these meat there are not proud to say that this meat is healthy food.

Flavien, Niebüll 22.12.2017

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