Germany, Hamburg

I have felt lonely in my everyday life. In the high phase of my productivity, while I was writing my bachelor thesis, I rose in the morning around 20 before seven in order to stock the shelves in the supermarket, then to the university, had breakfast (alone), into the library (alone), had lunch, once again into the library, in the afternoon perhaps sport, then home, dinner and to bed. However, the problem of isolation is not my personal problem, and therefore we created a multi-generation group in Hamburg. We started it because humans suffer under the conditions in which they live. And if we listen to ourselves, and to the mountains and seas, then we have much in common. We need others who listen to us, see and smell, who feel us and what we need so urgently. We are unfortunately prevented so much from listening to the others, the mountains, the neighbour, the colleague, because we are always working and must be fast. It is best for us to deal with that alone, that is most effective. But we as a group want to work against this undertow, and puh! oh! what amount of resistance that requires! We want to consider the concern for the other as very important, that which NOT and IN NO WAY gets encouraged, and we want to strengthen our ability for relationships and inspire, address, touch each other. And in this way everything caught on…

Alchemilla, Hamburg 12.22.2017

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